Don't be a manager.
Be a champion.

Get a smart, daily digest to understand what's happening across your team.
Give timely feedback. Celebrate milestones. Support your team where they need you.

All your updates in one place, automatically

Don't ask your team to create reports for you. Connect your tools and let Bridge summarize what's going on.

Less meeting, more doing

Bridge automatically summarizes key updates across your team's documents and discussions. See the big picture and drill down as needed.

No more dropping the ball

Catch up quickly on discussions and team decisions. Get reminders on open questions and issues so you can unblock your team.

Up-to-speed without effort

No more jumping across apps or scanning discussion threads to piece together what happened. Get a digest in your inbox every morning to quickly catch up.

The average employee spends 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information.
Put Bridge to work and save time to focus on what's important.

Source: McKinsey Global Institute - "The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies"

Private by design

  • We do not and will not sell your data

  • Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest

  • We never see or store your passwords

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